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A variety of new designs are available for dining tables. You can find the right one with a little market research. In this regard, CherryPick offers a variety of classy options. Unlike ever before, you can get imported furniture at an affordable rate. Moreover, the furniture sets all demonstrate excellent craftsmanship. CherryPick also offers beautifully crafted marble tables to match any taste and home décor.

Let’s look at our unique, mesmerizing collections one by one.

AKD (1+6) dining table:

Your dining space will reflect a modern and contemporary aesthetic with the AKD (1+6) dining table set. Designed with excellent elegance, this dining table set is a great addition to your dining space.

Onyx is used as the surface of the table’s top. Wood and brass form the base of the dining table. It can accommodate up to six people. The chairs are cushioned and feature a modern design, making them comfortable to sit in. They have a modern design that doesn’t take up much space. It has brass set legs that allow for enough leg space based on its seating capacity of seven people.

AKD Cross Base:

The Cross Base dining tabletop is made from marble onyx, giving it a stunning, elegant appearance. Its modern design and assortment of customizable options will certainly make a stunning statement in your dining room. 

The perfect way to cherish all your sweet memories with your close friends and family. It offers you the ultimate comfort thanks to its fine design & quality materials. There is no doubt that it is sturdy and durable enough to withstand large families and playfully mischievous children. It has a rectangular top. There is enough leg space for eight people according to its seating capacity. The table is made of wood. The chairs feature a modern design and are cushioned so they provide a comfortable seating experience.


Enzo is a modern dining table with a marble stone top and a glamorous hardwood base. It will add life to your dining hall for a wonderful dining experience. The rectangular shape of it makes it easy to recognise. The tabletop is made up of onyx. A maximum of 8 people can be accommodated in it. Cushions give the chairs a comfortable feel, and the modern design makes them ideal for modern living.


Onyx dining tables by Olivia are trendy and unique, thanks to the mother of pearl inlay designs that can be customized to suit your needs. It also has a rectangular top made up of onyx.  The chairs in this set have modern design, a cushioned seat, and ample leg space for its eight-person seating capacity. The chairs feature a wood frame and ample leg room.


Dining table Onyx is a contemporary and stylish masterpiece with stunning designs and excellent architecture. A special treat for your dining space, Onyx offers a variety of custom offers. It is made up of onyx & it has a capacity of 6 persons.It comes with wooden legs with enough leg space according to its seating capacity of eight people.The chairs feature a modern-day design and are cushioned which gives a good seating experience.

It will definitely enhance the dining experience & make your loved ones enjoy quality time with you full of laughter & joy.


Modern and stylish, this Sawyer dining table will be a great addition to any dining room. Atop this eight-seat dining table is a stunning Onyx top that adds an elegant touch.

The chairs are quite sturdy and have a padded backrest, which ensures a very comfortable sitting experience. With its sturdy design, stylish look, and elegant style, this 8-seater dining table is perfect for everyday use. The carpet will look new for a long time because it is easy to clean. Topped with a beautiful marble onyx material, the dining table has a rose gold base.

Snow Agates:

It’s better to have more, especially if you have a large family or have frequent visitors. A fantastic addition to your dining room, this dining table set is designed with great elegance. The modern and contemporary look on this dining table set is sure to add style to your dining room. This elegant eight-seater dining table comes with cushioned chairs and an elegant tabletop. It is also possible to customize this dining table. A wide table top and a solid, firm base allows it to accommodate a full set of cutlery. It features unique, metallic-style legs.


The Twister dining table has a contemporary design that will look great in any modern dining room. This eight-seater dining table set will complement any contemporary dining room thanks to its stylish modern design. The table has wooden legs with enough legroom for eight people, which is its seating capacity. The chairs have an attractive modern design and are cushioned for comfortable seating.

Pied Piper:

This incredible four-legged table is crafted with a combination of rose gold and chrome pipes. Top made of Onyx with a base that is an engineering marvel. Constructed with a combination of rose gold and chrome pipes to form the 4 legs is a marvel by itself.

Blue Agate:

This exquisite dining table combines natural Agate stones with a gold finish designer metal base.

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