Laptop Buying Guide – How to select Best Laptop to buy

In todays world, Laptops are one of the essential need for everyone. Either If you are a working professional or a student, you need a laptop for your daily use.

Most of us have a smartphone, but somewhere, they can’t fulfill the requirements — for example, if you are a gamer, you must need a Laptop to enjoy the high-class gaming environment.

Similarly, if you are a student or a working corporate, you can’t attend your meeting or online class through smartphone you must need a Laptop for that.

Thanks to the technology we have now, the Laptops to fulfill all our needs.

The actual problem we have is the choice of the laptop and that in our budget. If you’re also confused about which laptop you have to buy, then this article will guide you to pick the best configuration laptop and that’s in your budget.

So without further delay, let’s get started…

1. Know your actual requirements:-

The first and most important step is to understand your requirements. I can understand nowadays there are a lot of brands available in the market with multiple features and claiming their product as the best.

However, if we can check-mark a few points, then we can easily bypass the obstacles and can able to achieve our aim of purchasing the best laptop under our budget, which also fulfills our requirement.

2. Processor Types:-

Now, the second most important point of Laptop Buying Guide is the Process type. So if you have a clear vision for the first step, which is knowing your requirement, this step is quite easy for you. Let me explain with an example-.

So let’s assume you are looking for a laptop only for gaming purpose, then think which processor are best for gaming? You get the name of Amd processor. As they are, the best processors for gaming and AMD processors are available at lower price than Intel. So in this scenario, you can buy the low-cost gaming laptop.

3. Graphics Card:-

The next checkpoint is to select the Graphics card if we consider the above examples of buying a gaming laptop in this scenario, you can go with a high-resolution graphic card.

However, if you plan to use the laptop for basic purpose, then you can go with a normal Graphic card like RTX 2060.

4. RAM or Memory:-

Ram or Memory will give the option of multitasking. Nowadays, people are using laptops for multitasking purposes. If you planning to run heavy applications like video editing softwares, then it is highly recommended to go with 8 GB of RAM size, which gives your system a smooth processing.

Moreover, If you are planning to buy a laptop only for basic use, like watching movies and running simple softwares, then 4 GB will be well enough for you.

5. Display:-

There are a numbers of laptop coming with different display size. A 14-inch-laptop are capable of running at 1366×768 resolution. However, a big-size laptop working on 1920×1080 resolution. From here, you can go higher as per your preferences.

6. Storage:-

This choice is very simple. If you are looking to store a huge data, then its recommended to go with 1 TB of storage. If you don’t require much space in your Laptop, then 500GB storage is also well enough for you.

7. Battery:-

Most of you might have confusion about which battery is the best backup. So if you are a person who is working a long time on your laptop and that’s away from a power outlet, then you must have to go with 4-cell-battery, which can give you more battery backup, then 3-cell battery.

8. Warranty:- 

Having a warranty of your system is always nice, but you have to check what kind of warranty the system offers you. For example, a few companies claiming for  Onsite warranty. But if you read the warranty details, then you can know they’re clearly mentioned. Engineers will come only if support guy found issue with the hardware. So you have to check the warranty type carefully while buying the laptop.

9. Operating system and Softwares:-

Today, almost every system came with windows10 in-build operating system, but it’s quite necessary to check for the operating system you are buying. Added to there are the systems available with MS office as well, so you can also check that if you need the software, you can go with it. If those software isn’t useful for you, then you can skip these software, which cut down your budget.

If you are looking to buy the budget laptops, then you can visit our website and choose the best laptops under your budget.

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