Industrial computing

Industrial computers are dedicatedly designed to offer high-end results in any form. Overall the industrial system includes all types of the models such as the embedded box, motherboard, and som.

Embedded computers are highly reliable that offer wide arrays of interfaces suiting various types of applications. Embedded Computers can carry out particular types of functions because they are microprocessors. Being a complementary part of the giant systems they use both software and hardware. Usables such as cameras, automotive systems, and cell phones rely on the embedded computers.

No matter whichever model you choose whether it’s the Fanless Box PC, 19-inch rack-mount they give the ultimate relaxation as they can work the best in the acridest environment.

Highlight on the Embedded single board computers

Note that embedded single board computers are available in different forms including the IO and the CPU designed to perform any type of application. Whether it’s the smallest Pico or the ATX they are joined to the PCB using the IO.

System on modules such as Q7, Smart, and the Express is connected to the carrier board with the help of a high-density connector. Remember that the IO is connected to the carrier board.

Speaking of the PMCG it is quite congenial for the designs like a black plane in the rack systems.

Note on rackmount IPC chassis

Professional manufacturers display arrays of IPC enclosures and rackmount IPC chassis varying from 1 U to 6 U. Rackmount IPC chassis is engineered to support systems on a slot basis and also supports setting up the rackmount. Take a look at the slot in the segment below

1 U rackmount chassis

2 U rackmount chassis

3 U rackmount chassis

4 U rackmount chassis

5 U rackmount chassis

6 U rackmount chassis

What are the different types of the CPU

  • ARM-based

Personal computers with an inbuilt x86 processor come with intricate instructions compared to the ARM processors that rely on RISC architecture which require only a few sets of transistors. The less number of transistors means that less consumption of power, less expenditure, and less loss of heat. Devices like smartphones, tablets, other embedded machines with aspects like battery-powered, light, and portable use ARM-based processors. Professional companies have arrays of collections about the single board computes and ARM modules that support Android and Linux.

  • AMD/ NVidia

Chipsets and CPU X86 get the GPU and CPU solutions from the AMD and NVidia. Talking about AMD it is known to offer excellent performing GPU solutions that support graphics applications such as gaming and digital signage. Whether it’s the Xavier modules, TX 2, nano all of these high-end embedded AI is from NVidia. PCL and MXM card format with GPU options provide the greatest level of AI processing that incorporates 1050, 1080, Tesla, Quadro. Intelligent machines, robotics, advanced driver advisory system, license plate recognition rely on the NVidia GPU.

  • Xeon

X86 microprocessors like Xeon from a well-known intel brand is designed to work for embedded applications, nonconsumer workstation, and the server. With Xeon, it is expected to get a great number of clock speeds and core. Xeon processors are quite effective in preventing errors and offering a stable memory. That means no worrying about data getting corrupted due to faulty memory.

  • i 3/ I 5/ I 6

Core i5 CPUs have 4 to 6 cores while the core i3 and core i7 processors have 2 cores and 8 cores respectively. Remember the more the number of the CPU the greater is the performance as well as clock speed. Well, you will come across the difference in regards to the interface and cache. Note that i3 CPUs are economical and targeted while the i7 offers the highest spec and i5 are mid-tier. I5 or I7 CPU is a mandatory requirement for applications using rigorous decoding, graphics, and processing.

The I3 and I5 need the simple windows IoT value license on the other hand the I7 needs the high-end license. Applications that require these processors include digital signage, industrial automation, security, and mobile computing.

Atom / Cell/ Pent

Among the different kinds of intel processors, Atom is a distinguished one. It relates to the family of X86 and X 86 – 64 processors. They are congenial to be used in the smaller type of devices like smartphones, tablets, mobile devices. Penguin and Celeron are expected to offer high-end performance. But at the same time relies on pocket-friendly hardware and requires windows IoT licensing. They offer a high level of graphical illustrations. Both Celeron and Pentium are considered congenial for GUI applications and one-screen digital signage.

Brands that are included in the Embedded system

Tekdies a well-established brand brings arrays of embedded computers to the table. The collections are picked from top-notch manufacturers like Axiomtek from Taiwan. Axiomtek created a milestone with its extensive contribution in the field of embedded computers and industrial computers. Their collections comprise of touch panel computer, human interface, digital signage, medical PC, single-board computer, embedded computer, network appliance, industrial barebone. The products from the IEI technology uses Computer-based applications like the integration of computer telephony, security, systems, emergency services, etc. Also used in the fields of the national defense, communication-based stations, medical instruments.

Basic aspects of the industrial computing

  • 8th/9th gen CPU

The core sequence with embedded motherboards is designed with 8th and 9th generation CPUs. Obviously, in this the clock speed is huge. The IO models vary from i3 to i7 models.

  • 9 -36 VDC vehicle use

Embedded PCs used in battery-powered devices or mobiles depend on the high range of voltage input. That includes 9-36 VDC covering industrial and automotive domains.

  • NVidia GPU

Thinking of the notable AI processing brand, NVidia comes first to the list. It incorporates all the models from nano to Xavier. GPU options like the PCLe and MXM offer the greatest when it comes to AI processing that includes Quadro, Tesla, 1050, and 1080. Intelligent machines, robotics, and many other fields quite rely on NVidia.

  • AI processing

Artificial intelligence is one of the progressive fields no doubt. Computers are programmed to take decisions intelligently like human beings based on intricate data and video. To manage huge calculations proficiently the AI uses both GPU or FPU. Things such as license plate recognition, robotics, advanced driver assistance system all come under the domain of Artificial intelligence. Companies like Tekdis have gained expertise in handling various types of AI hardware such as RTX, TX2, Tesla, and Quadro.

  • Fanless

It is a bit difficult to set up the pcs with a fan option as they might catch dirt and dust easily. But these days Pcs are designed without a fan, so the cooling takes place employing conduction either through the casing or through air circulation. The pcs without fans operate silently. Moreover don’t have to worry about the moving parts. Therefore they are quite reliable in a true sense. Fanless PC takes the first seat when it comes to the field such as medical application, mobile computing, digital signage, industrial automation. Tekin as the professional brand has updated their Fanless models featuring the highest integration level, CPU, and interface.

  • IP67 rated

To fit the various application requirement Embedded computers do come with different types of Ingress protection. IP67 is the best solution for machines that have to undergo water and dust daily. So No need to worry about dust ingression and it can stay immersed in 1 m water for 30 minutes. Systems having IP67 are like traffic control, military, mining, abbatoirs.

  • Box

To categorize the embedded computers it is important to consider the mounting and form factor. Though box PC is the common type found Tekdis have rack mount, Din rail mount pcs in-store as well. Box pcs can be employed to support cabinet enclosure, Digital signage, vehicles

  • Can Module

Can Bus or controller area network is a well-built bus designed to create communication between devices and microcontrollers. The popularity of the Can Bus in robotic and automotive applications is noteworthy. Tekdis as a promising company offers support to the PCLe, M.2, MPcle, designed to support different protocols such as the J1938, ODB II.

  • 1 U rack

1 U rack chassis is one of the most well-known for systems such as storage, single expansion cards. The 1 U rack chassis from Tekdis include arrays of processor cards and backplanes.

  • 2 U rack

2 U rack chassis is quite a need for systems like storage, multi expansion cards. Certainly the 2 u rack chassis collection from Tekdis is worthy to note. They can support processor cards and backplanes.

  • 4 U rack

For storage and multiple expansion cards, 4 U rack chassis is the right option to opt for. The company Tekdis can offer various collections that can support the backplanes and processors.

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