How Wama Technology makes a successful Health and Fitness Mobile Application


The Client –

Many Health & Fitness brands approached Wama for making their “perfect” websites & Mobile application. 

seismic training’ is a mobile application to improve fitness offering multiple Workouts for different Muscle groups. Users can perform WORKOUTS at any time using this IOS app.

The brief – 

Create an easy-to-navigate app – allows users to access exercise video tutorials, set personal goals, and track their progress.

Create a brand identity – Create a website/application that is more representative of the brand. 

Create an accessible app -Since the brand has a high proportion of old age users, thus the design needed to be accessible & easy for the 55+ demographic and those with visual impairment.

The challenge – 

Developing an extraordinary online presence that creates a buzz around the market to increase sales. 

Making the website and mobile app simple and easy to understand.


  • Personal profiles
  • Activities (booked classes, membership cards, statuses)
  • QR code scanner
  • Listing of all classes with descriptions
  • Information about trainers
  • Dynamic scheduling
  • Class bookings and cancellations
  • Waitlists for group classes
  • Maps and routes
  • Payment system for classes
  • Memberships of different levels and durations
  • Internal currency



  • Developed a technical specification with a description of the main features.
  • Extracted knowledge and business expectations from the client during meetings.
  • Created wireframes to show how the user experience would look.
  • To meet the project timeline, we created a plan for an MVP and added the remaining features to the backend. 
  • The MVP consisted of – 

 Personal profiles

 Class bookings and cancellations

 Membership card management and customer purchases activities

  • We removed the pop-up, with complex functionalities and optimized the UI/UX so that a user has instant access to the most relevant features. 
  • We incorporated the online membership card and QR code scanner.
  • We integrated internal currency for faster and efficient internal transactions, which saved the client Make Money Online  on each transaction fee.
  • We optimized the check-in process using a QR scanner and integrated it with the CRM.


  • React Native
  • Firebase 
  • Crashlytics
  • Google Maps 



We managed to create an MVP in just two and a half months. Then we spent another two months implementing the remaining functionality and changing the application according to feedback from users that we got from reviews on the app stores and analytics reports.

 About Us –

Wama Technology is a leading mobile application and website development company that has made over 150+ projects. Wama Technology is the best company to choose from for making the health and fitness app. 

Wama Technology has expert knowledge in fitness apps and can deliver the best health and fitness app for your business and create the next big thing in an online training experience.

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