How To Improve The Candidate Experience

Gone are the days when the job market was driven by employers alone. In today’s highly competitive market, your candidates are the ones who make the big choice – whether to choose you or whether to opt for another candidate.

And contrary to popular belief, this does not depend on “Salary Package” alone. Instead, most of the candidates make the ultimate decision based on their interactions with the company, during the various stages of your recruitment process.

So, here are a few tips and suggestions that might help you improve the candidate experience:

Give Relevant Information

Yes, as simple as it sounds, a lot of employers often ignore this step. When your job description is clear and to the point, you make it easier for the candidates to understand their expected role in the company. Apart from the regular list of requirements, you can also mention the perks, benefits and salary package that they can expect. Thus, giving the candidates a clear idea about the company itself.

Regular Communication

Another important step that employers need to incorporate is consistent communication. Candidates like to know that you value their time and efforts. Send them regular updates about the interview rounds and the next steps of your recruitment process. Inform them about your final decision too.

Even though this means that you might have to send out rejection e-mails, the gesture is commonly appreciated by candidates. Also, it sets you apart from your competitors.

Optimise Your Website

What is the first thing that candidates do when they learn about a job opening? Yes, that’s right – they check the company website. Primarily because they wish to know more about the employer.

So, you can use this opportunity to give them a clear overview such as the company mission, the work culture and the various benefits that your employees enjoy. Also, an optimised “About Us” page can be a great way to tell candidates about your identity, vision and values.

Challenge Your Candidates

Challenging your candidates doesn’t mean having super-tough interviews that leave them feeling disappointed or confused. Instead, have an organised interview process where all candidates are given equal opportunities to showcase their talent, skills and experience.

This sends across a message that your company is serious and dedicated to finding the right candidate. Also, it gives you an idea about their skills and abilities, which will help you make the final decision. And once you make that big decision, all you need to do is to –

Stay in Touch

Yes, your communication should not end with the recruitment process. In fact, once the whole process is complete, you need to be in constant touch with your new hire. Again, as simple as it sounds, this proves to be very useful and effective as candidates often have a few queries before their first day.

By having timely communications, you can clear their doubts and help them make a smooth transition into your company. Also, don’t forget about the candidates that did not make the cut. Stay in touch, give positive feedback and maintain a professional relationship with them.

So, later on, when you have other job openings, you already have familiar candidates that have gone through your recruitment process. This will save you a lot of time, energy and efforts in the future.

And, that’s it. These were a few useful tips that will help you create a distinct brand image and will help improve the overall candidate experience as well.

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