How to get rid of urinal bad smell?

One of the major dilemmas in commercial restrooms is a foul odor. Restroom smells can bequeath your guests considering that you do not accurately maintain your office or that your department is unclean. But what your patrons do not understand is that even when you are delivering constant daily cleaning methods, your convenience can be plagued by foul restroom odors.

Women may not recognize urinal cubes, but often urinals in men’s restrooms are filled with the same. Anciently, even high-end resorts made sure their urinals were packed with ice completely throughout the day.

Besides sanitizing, the purpose of urinal blocks is to eliminate or mask odors from the restroom. They have placed overhead the urinal drain, regularly in the confines of a small synthetic trap (urinal screen) that restricts their loss down the drain when they melt to a small size.

But why is that? Well, it has much to do with bad smells and aiming.

To assist you resolve this puzzling mystery, we have done some research and studies for the same;

  • The first urinal cake was registered on March 27, 1886, “he referred to his invention as ‘the best thing on earth.
  • Understanding there might be “offensive odors” emanating from his urinals, a homemade method to make the first urinal blocks using sugar, molasses, syrup, chloride of soda, water, and other ingredients.
  • This homemade recipe grew cumbersome, so in the 1880s, an intelligent entrepreneur started exchanging the first urinal cakes made with Naphthalene balls. “It convinced killed the odors, but it also damaged red blood cells when breathed in large amounts.
  • This further brings us to ice cubes. When Prohibition commenced in 1920, speakeasies were initiated throughout the country. The speakeasies bought tons of ice cubes for urinals. To make way for new commitments, the old ice was thrown into urinals essentially because throwing it on roads or the highway would likely get the attention of policemen.
  • The ice eliminated the bad smell. As one specialist described, the ice froze odor-causing particles in urine, blocking them from being released. Ultimately, the odor-filled particles merge with the ice and drip underneath the urinal and into the sewer.
  • The bloom of ice in urinals provided a bit of entertainment for the gentleman and developed their aim; “having something to point at decreases spillage.


How to Remove Nasty Toilet Smells

Escorting past the bathroom and receiving a hit in the face with an obnoxious smell has got to be the most dangerous experience ever. Whether this smell is man-made or a consequence of poor preservation, this fragrance should not exist. Fortunately, there is a handful of stuff you can do to eliminate these awful fragrances from your home.

Remove Nasty Smells

Lavatory Air-conditioning – Nearly every lavatory should have a small exhaust fan placed to help ventilate. By utilizing this fan, you will be able to eliminate dirty odors from the lavatory as well as moisture. Excess precipitation from hot showers can cause foul mold and fungus to begin growing.

Air Fresheners for premises – While air fresheners don’t eliminate odors, they do a precise job of concealing them. Rather than directing to the store to buy a chemical spray, opt for a domestic variety.

Desiccants – To absorb moisture in your lavatory, contemplate using desiccants. Certain dry materials come in the form of silica gels — or go the stylistic direction and incorporate plants in your lavatory (natural desiccants).

Clean the Toilet Tank – Neglecting to clean your bathroom tank frequently can create it to stink like urine. Open up the tank, splash in some white vinegar, and get to cleaning. Once completed, wash the toilet and replicate the process another time or two.

Keep an eye on fungus or mold – Understanding black spots on the roof or green trash around pipes and accessories is an obvious sign of mold. Some not-so-obvious symptoms: itchy eyes, runny nose, wheezing, rashes, etc. Not only can fungus be repulsive to see and smell, but it can also negatively affect your health.

Trishul Odorout Urinal & Sanitary Cubes – it is one of the most powerful odour busters to remove bad odour in urinals, toilets, and sickrooms. It is very useful for public convenience in malls, cinema halls, offices, hospitals, schools, etc. It removes bad odour, provides pleasant surroundings.

Flexible and Long Lasting Odor Eliminator

At Trishul Home Care, they have a wide range of toilet care products that comes with a well-differentiated pack of retail packing and bulk packing.

  • 200ml and 500ml retail packing
  • 5ltr bulk packing

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