How OTT Platforms has changed our lives?

Hello guys, are you a movie lover who is curious to watch unlimited movies. Then this post is for you. We hope that you’re the most chilling person to watch the latest movies and recent web series all around. But, things are completely changed now, the days are gone, where people are going to watch the blockbusters and latest movies in theaters but we are fearing a lot to watch movies in theaters.

Now we can turn our space into a comfy home theater and watch unlimited movies same as theatre. Yes, the OTT platform is the biggest boon to many movie lovers and many people. This pandemic has changed our lives.

We all know how ott platforms have changed our lives in wide ways. Nowadays we are so much addicted and more relaxed with the ott platforms because in our comfort zone only we can enjoy favorite movies, web series, popular, and blockbusters.

I can say that OTT is the biggest boon for movie lovers, the olden days are gone where people used to rush out for the movies tickets and booking online tickets. But with a single premium subscription, users can enjoy the latest movies.

As we are discussing how ott platforms changed our lives, we can also discuss the best ott platforms that are loved and liked by everyone. There are millions of users for this OTT platform. So, let’s talk about the trending platforms.

  1. Amazon Prime:

Amazon prime has changed the viewer’s perspective and make the watch your favorite movie come true. Get the subscription option free with the e-commerce platform membership. From this, you can get free access to quick delivery, discounts, and deals. There are lot many popular movies, shows, web series, and blockbusters. The subscription fare for Amazon prime membership is Rs 129 a month and Rs 999 a year.


This is the no.1 OTT platform which has a huge craze till now. This is the American platform that consists of a huge content streamed for web series, movies, shows, and a lot more. The price range starts from Rs. 199/ per month. You can stream your favorite shows from your smartphone, PC, smart Tv, and a lot more. Watch your favorite movies and shows completely ad-free. Enjoy the wide range of movies in your comfy space.


I hope there is no introduction is required for Zee5 because it’s very popular and well known to everyone in India. This streaming service is owned by the Essel Group. It imbibes a wide collection of stuff like movies, web series, music, and a lot more. The streaming services start at a very low plan and it’s affordable to everyone. That’s Rs. 99 per month.

4.MX Player

This is also one of the oldest OTT platforms, initially, it just started streaming videos. But now it stands out as the most popular streaming platform in India. The most appreciated thing about this platform is that there is no fee for MX players and it’s completely ad-free content. Users can enjoy their favorite shows movies, web series without any interruption.

5.YouTube Premium

Youtube is also doesn’t require any induction. This streaming device is very popular and most loved by all age groups. This platform consists of movies, web series, and a lot more. Youtube premium subscription starts at Rs. 129 per month and Rs 399 for three months. This is for a single user. Youtube premium allows getting accessed to music also.

  1. Spark OTT

Spark OTT is also known as the best platform to watch movies, web series, popular, premiums, blockbusters, and a lot more. Spark Ott always makes it stand and stand out as the top ott platform for unlimited movies. Subscribe now and watch the boundless movies.

Enjoy your favorite web series, popular, premiums, and a lot more in your comfy zone along with your friends and loved ones.

Wishing you a great Ott watch time.


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