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Drinking and driving are illegal. The Accident Attorney risk of drinking and driving has always been focused on. Besides specific laws, many drivers get behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol. Drunk driving accidents cause more injuries and fatalities than any other cause of the accident.

An intoxicated driver can cause severe injuries and a fatal auto vehicle crash. So, it’s necessary in this situation that these drivers be held accountable for their negligence and careless behavior.

If you get injured in an accident in Fort Worth caused by drunk driving and think you have a case, you should consult an accident attorney in Fort Worth. The attorney could help you get maximum compensation for the damages.

The Accident Attorney in Fort Worth understands your rights and can efficiently fight for your rights after being hit by an intoxicated driver.

Accident Attorney Fort Worth to Negotiate a Settlement with the Drunk Driver’s Insurer:

As you file the lawsuit, the guilty driver’s insurer will try to reach out to you with a settlement offer. It will prove to be unwise if you accept the initial offer without consulting an accident attorney.

The judge or the juries do not have sympathy for drunk or stoned drivers. Their decision may probably involve substantial damages, including punitive damages against the defendant.

Insurance companies somehow know that they have the chance of losing the case. With a skilled attorney, the insurance companies will be forced to pay you a handsome amount. So, the insurance companies try to contact the accident victim quickly and offer them an insultingly low amount of money.

The accident attorney in Fort Worth has years of experience dealing with tight-fisted insurance companies. The attorney knows how to convince them to improve the terms of settlement offers. Click here to learn more about accident attorneys in Fort Worth.

Who can be sued in a drunk driving accident?

If you get injured by a drunk driver, motorist, motorcyclist, pedestrian, or bicyclist, you should seek to hold that driver responsible for all the injuries you suffered.

But the drunk driver may not be the only party responsible for the damages. The accident attorney in Fort Worth will examine your case and explore the other parties that should be held liable for the accident. The parties responsible for the accident could be:

  • Under Texas law, the drunk driver’s employer can get sued if their employee causes any harm while acting within the scope and course of employment.

For example, if the drunk employee makes a delivery that causes the injury, the employer can be held liable for the accident.

  • The store, bar, or restaurant that sold the alcohol to the driver: The Texas Dram Shop Act enabled you to sue any business that sold or provided alcohol to a visibly intoxicated customer or a minor who caused an accident.
  • Social host that provided alcohol to a non-related minor: If, at a party, the host served alcohol to a non-related child who in turn caused the accident, the host could be held liable for the accident.

Potential Damages in Drunk Driving Cases:

The severe injuries incurred in drunk driving require expensive medical treatment, lengthy recovery times, and another financial burden of vehicle repair. If the accident was not your fault, you could get economic and non-economic damages that can help you recover from your losses after the accident.

Either you have been a victim of construction site injury or workplace injury, a worker compensation lawyer can potentially help you recover for your damages. To get more detailed information about worker compensation lawyers, The accident attorney in Fort Worth will help you to:

  • Collect compensation for medical expenses for the treatment of the injuries. The medical costs include hospital bills, surgeries, medications, or any other past and future medical expenses related to the accident.
  • Collect damages for lost wages because of the recovery from the injuries.
  • Receive non-economic damages for intangible losses, like pain and suffering, permanent disability, mental anguish, loss of consortium, and disfigurement.
  • Collect compensation for damaged property.

Due to the severity of many drunk driving cases, these involve many deaths. If you lose your spouse, child, or parent in such accidents, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit and recover certain damages. In such cases, your attorney will help you to:

  • Gather compensation for lost earning capacity and benefits provided by the deceased.
  • Get compensation for mental and emotional anguish, pain, and suffering due to a loved one’s loss.
  • Collect damages for a lost inheritance.


After being injured in a drunk driving accident, it becomes very confusing what to do next. Dealing with the driver’s insurer can be complex and confusing. So, it becomes necessary to hire an accident attorney in Fort Worth. The attorney will use his or her knowledge and skill to land you a favorable deal by collecting evidence supporting and representing a solid case.

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