Common Aircon Problems

Before you know it, those living in the residential building you manage will be cranking up their aircon system. It goes without saying that you’ll want to start off the warmer weather months in a comfortable zone, which for you and the residents mean as complaint-free as possible. Let’s take a look at the most common aircon problems.

1. The AC won’t turn on:

At the top of your list of fears when you initiate your aircon troubleshooting review might be that you’ll turn on the system and hear nothing and feel nothing.

2. Condenser problems will heat things up:

When drawing up an aircon troubleshooting plan, don’t forget to look at the condenser coil. The condenser has an important job to do.

3. Leaking our dirty ducks:
If you are experiencing warmer air than you would like or if some rooms are cool and some are warm, it could mean an improper flow of air. Though a central aircon system is seemingly a sealed system with the ductwork

4. Not a fan of a noisy system?

Your system comes complete with a fan that blows indoor air over its evaporator coil to cool the air and a condenser to transport the heat from the building to outside.

5. A window of opportunity:
One of the top aircon problems is the improper operation and heading the list under the category is open windows and outside doors. So one of the easiest and most inexpensive problems to fix on your aircon troubleshooting mission is to make sure windows or doors are closed.

Aircon troubleshooting:

More helpful hints to avoid problems

1. Clean brush and debris from the outside unit and the surrounding area.

2. Replace dirty filters.

3. Check ducts for tears and have them repaired.

4. Install a programmable thermostat, which saves energy and is more accurate, but learn how to use it properly.

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