Best Digital Marketing Company for Real Estate in Noida

Best Digital Marketing Company for Real Estate in Noida

Digital Marketing Agency for Real Estate – Driving Success through Dynamic Strategies!

DigiComm the digital wing of Integrated Centre for Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (ICCPL) is one of the fastest-growing Digital Marketing firms with clients in multiple sectors like Real Estate, Hospitality, E-commerce, Political, and Education & Automobile.

Established in the year 2015, we understand the importance of being present in the online arena for our customers to strategize and deliver the entire digital marketing strategy deliberately.

The Sellers are online & so are the Buyers! With unique & content-driven approach, we aim to achieve focused customer engagement which provides not just better visibility & branding opportunity but also helps in achieving better sales conversion.

DigiComm Digital Marketing Agency for Real Estate was an idea that came after years of working with big names from multiple sectors. Post-2012 digitization was entering India and with the growth of smartphones, social media was growing exponentially.

This was the time when the founders of ICCPL, which has served over 100 organizations and helped them grow their brand, thought to enter the digital arena and thus DIGICOMM was born. With the plan to provide content-driven digital marketing, DigiComm today is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in the country.

To optimize reach and secure capabilities of sustainable advantage, DigiComm joined hands with Nvigor Solutions in September 2018.

SEO – The Show Stopper

With the increasing competitiveness in business and race to rank on the first page of Google & Bing, the need for Search Engine Optimization has increased tremendously. To stay ahead in the race of strong & healthy competition it is imperative to go for the Best SEO Company in Delhi-NCR.

It is a little complex to understand if you are new in digital marketing and what basically SEO is? While browsing you may find some services offering cheap SEO services but it may be difficult to decipher what do they offer and how it is going to be a turnaround point for your website.

You are on the Right Path

Keyword optimization is the most vital thing in SEO. It is not something that you do at the beginning of a search marketing campaign. To keep tapping new keyword opportunities and broaden your reach into different keyword verticals, continuous keyword optimization is essential.

So keyword optimization isn’t a set it & forget it process. Your site traffic, leads, and sales will continue to expand by consistently conducting keyword analysis and improving your keyword database.

Tap into the Power of Social Media

Social Media Optimization is used to generate publicity to increase the awareness of a product, service, brand or event. SMO is the process of increasing the awareness of a product, brand or event by using various social media apps and communities to create aggressive publicity. Optimizing your blog or website is very important for a brand to become viral.

Following are the tips to optimize social media.

  • Create your Facebook Page into a marketing channel to build an audience
  • Create lead generation through LinkedIn and connect with passionate professionals
  • Create lead generation through Twitter for better business management and conversions

Increase Your Social Worth

1) Visibility of the website – There is no doubting the fact there are loads of people who use forums, online communities, and social media channels. Hence, the use of SMO becomes necessary.

2) Traffic – Besides email marketing and search engines, your biggest objective of customer traffic is, indeed, SMO. With SMO, there is no doubt that there will be massive traffic on your website.

3) Free Ad – The platforms of social media have been proven as the definitive cause of the advertisement.

4) Communication Channel – Most of the businesses offer a business channel to their clients (apart from the traditional call and email support) like Facebook Page.

5) Client Satisfaction – In case the customer reaches you through your social media network and you provide him with a fast response, the customer satisfaction rate will be increased.

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