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Benefits of Aircon General Service

By getting your aircon chemically cleaned, you’ll eliminate the build-up and get your
aircon running smoothly again, allowing it to use less electricity to function. A technician will dismantle your air-conditioner unit from its wall mount, and then clean the air filters, the fan evaporator coil, and other important components of the system using a chemical-based cleaner. If your aircon unit has water leakage problems, the same treatment is performed on the aircon drainage system. The fan bearings are then lubricated to reduce noise.

Here are some common symptoms:
The air conditioner takes longer than usual to cool the area.
The unit is very loud once turned on.
A foul smell emanates from the inner components.
The benefits of aircon general wash:
1.Improves air quality:
Dirt and other particles that collect in your unit can be harmful to your health.
This is especially bad for everyone in the room who has asthma or allergies. When you perform
aircon chemical cleaning, you get rid of all the dirt and grime that accumulate in your air

2. Removes foul odors:
If your aircon is emanating some foul odors, this is probably because of a mold
and mildew build-up in the unit. If you have noticed that the air in your aircon is starting to smell,
that is the clearest sign that you need an aircon chemical cleaning.
When choosing an aircon company to clean your air-conditioner, always
remember that an excellent aircon service company would not stop at aircon chemical wash.
The aircon technician should perform basic maintenance, check for which components need
major repair or replacing, and troubleshoot any problems about your unit that you bring up.

24/7 Aircon running is Good?
The air conditioner run 24/7 is not an issue but we should maintain the aircon properly. If it is not maintaining well it may cause the parts, 3 months once should do a general checkup and clean properly. check nearby aircon service company, then go with technician they help to solve your aircon problem.

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