7 Must-Have WordPress Plugins to Make Your Business Site More Powerful

WordPress is the king of the content management system (CMS). According to recent stats, 65% of all websites use WP, and most business owner’s first choice is WordPress. The ease of use, multiple theme options, flexibility, and many such advantages are there, making WP a popular CMS each passing day.

You may feel that WordPress is over-hyped, but it has valid reasons to be a business owner’s favorites. Talking about reasons, one of the most incredible features of WP is the availability of excellent plugins.

WP plugins are secure and user-friendly, and that’s why every business owner should consider using them. 50,000+ WordPress plugins leave business owners in confusion.

But, not anymore. I have shed light on the best WordPress plugins that you need to use right away. Before that, how about we focus on WP plugins’ importance?

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Are WP Plugins Crucial? Why Should You Use Them?

First things first, plugins are the building blocks of any WordPress website that put life to the site by adding numerous functions. It adds contact forms, increases website speed, enhances SEO, provides different email opt-ins, and more.

If you choose WP plugins, no one can stop your website from reaching heights. Don’t you believe me? Even if you ask any expert WordPress development company, they will suggest WP plugins because it has everything.

WordPress plugins allow you to introduce some extra features to your website. Without selecting a single line of code (LOC), WP plugins add the features seamlessly to the website, and you can even make your website simple (or complex) as per your desire and demand.

Top 7 Best WordPress Plugins (2021) That You Need to Install Right Away

  • Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the best WordPress plugins 2021 that you surely can’t miss. It helps to rank in search engines (like Google) by optimizing pages (and posts).

Yoast SEO is the most influential WP plugin that lets you add meta tags, create site maps, connect the website with Google searches, social media optimization, and more. It also examines the website content for readability and keyword purpose for maintaining the SEO and quality content balance.

All in one, Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO plugins that redirect the features effectively, suggests internal linking, updates per Google’s advanced algorithms, and so on.

  • WPForms

One of the must-have WordPress plugins for your WordPress site is WPForms. It helps in interacting with the intended users effortlessly.

In a more precise term, WPForms is a  and drop online form builder that creates different kinds of forms, like payment, payroll, email subscription, online order or contact form, etc.

WPForms has a unique power of integrating itself with marketing platforms and all the well-known payment gateways. WPForms plugin has a multi-page form for better user experience (UX), ready-made templates, advanced geological options, and much more.

  • WooCommerce

I obviously cannot forget to mention WooCommerce on the list of best WordPress plugins, especially when it has a 3.35% eCommerce usage distribution.

WooCommerce development comes with excessive customization and extension features along with other basic features. Like large-scale payment methods, limitless images (and products), product ratings (or reviews), easy shipment procedure, etc.

It is the best plugin for eCommerce development because it converts WP blogs into a fully functional online store. In short, WooCommerce can integrate social media to your online store, combine Google analytics, augment the promotion option, and whatnot.

  • OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a  must-have WordPress plugin that generates leads for WordPress.

The OptinMonster plugin creates attractive grabbing opt-in forms that boost the conversion rate and enables you to assign various campaigns. Like, individual posts, pages, categories, tags, products, custom post type, etc.

OptinMonster offers many features such as fabulous opt-in form design, A/B testing, actionable insights, mobile campaigns, coupon wheels, page-level targeting, and many more.

  • WP Rocket

Today’s generation wants everything faster, and that’s where having a speedy website becomes crucial. That said, one of the best WordPress plugins that increase the loading speed is WP Rocket.

It improves the loading speed by building cached copies of every separate page displayed on your website that minimizes the server’s workload. Apart from accelerating the loading time, WP Rocket also reduces the file weight of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through minification.

You can leverage many features by installing the WP Rocket plugin. Such as preloading of cache pages, lesser number of HTTPS requests, reducing the bandwidth, etc.

  • Akismet Spam Protection

One of the most popular WordPress plugins that you can install to make your business more powerful is Akismet spam protection – an anti-spam plugin.

Akismet spam protection showcases the complete comment history to highlight the spam comments created by Akismet. It keeps your blog clean (and spam-free) by keeping an eye on the contact form submission. Akismet plugin has the following features that provide an advanced security solution along with spam protection.

  • Exhibits approved comments
  • Ensures privacy and GDP compliance
  • Provides basic (and advanced) spam stats
  • Monitors all the remarks automatically
  • Jetpack

Finally, the last WordPress plugin that you can consider is Jetpack. It is a set of excellent tools (and technologies) with helpful functionalities.

Jetpack is a collection of multiple plugins that performs various tasks. For instance, it improves website security, optimizes user engagement, and offers different features that run the website effectively.

Jetpack enables the faster loading time of the image, monitors the downtime, boosts the engagement with related posts, etc. It also lets you add social share buttons, content delivery network (CDN) services, email subscription forms, and other services.

Wrapping Up

If you think you can successfully run a WordPress website without using any WP plugin, you are wrong. There are different WP plugins for everything. You name it, and WordPress distinctive plugins will offer you.

From accelerating the loading speed to adding social sharing buttons to content optimization (via search engines) and user interaction via email opt-ins, etc. I have mentioned the list of best WordPress plugins that you can consider to power your WP website.

So, tell me your WordPress plugin pick and why you liked it?

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